May is the beginning of my WHOLE LIVING…

I have been saving my whole livings…waiting for the right time. 🙂  There is never a ‘right’ time…just moments.

So this weekend I did nothing…just rested.   I opened my Whole Living today and the very 2nd page spoke to me completely.

Mind:  Ralph Waldo Emerson – “For ever minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”  How many minutes of happiness I have LOST!  I feel angry with my mom…even though she died so long ago.  Angry with my dad..because…I’m not real sure why…just because.  Angry because I am juggling so many things when I learned in England the value of slowing down and experiencing life.  But in being angry….Image

This May I am going to focus on the minutes of joy 🙂

Body:  I am a teacher and I constantly carry work back and forth.  In addition, I work at the dining room table, huddled up on the coach.  I do not give my body the exercise it needs or the sense of just taking good care of it when I work.  I have a table set up in my front room to do just that..and I am going to use it…and find a rolling cart.

Soul:  I spent a few weeks ago cleaning out my closet and now need to step back from work and clean out my home!  I set  (re-set) goals I thought up in August of 2011 and have not completed.  It’s time.  I need to learn to cook and need to learn to find balance.  I need a good “Spring-Clean” of my life! 🙂

On to page 3!


Alright…I need to do this..

I am glad I placed a count down clock on my blog because quite honestly…time flies. I need to focus on myself just a little bit this year..and this blog is my journal to do it.


My cholesterol came back a little high…is there a ‘little’ in this case.  My sugar was good…which SHOCKED me because I really felt that would be bad.  My thyroid was WAY off …so the doc upped my meds.  Not a bad thing..but last time it made me a little wiry.  And I had a mammogram!  First ever!


I think the most important lesson for we was being will to find out what was going on in my body.  I was one of those people when I was young that wonder how anyone would NOT want to go to the doctors and stay healthy.  Now with co-pays and time crunches…I can see why.


Regardless, the big motivation was my family.  I love my husband and hope to enjoy many more years with him…and adore my children and lost my mom in my mid-30s.  It felt way to early.  So I look at my own children, and although I am raising them to be independent…I still want to be part of their lives for a long time.


So…I have been way to busy trying to do work…it’s time to focus on my family and my health.  I am going to work out today – yes..I know it is going to hurt.