My Goals

SMART Goals – With Start and Ending As of August 2014

#1…Just be a better mom and wife (I know that doesn’t have the elements of S.M.A.R.T, because I need to unpick that.)


12/29/14  182 😦  But I have been sick.


4/15 174!!!

Weight Loss (yes..not very original)
Start: 188.8 End Goal: 125 (for health not vanity)
Start: 212 End Goal: You know not sure..below 200
Running – I love to run…I haven’t made the time for 9 years
Start: lol ugh 1min X 10 (if I’m lucky) End: 1 hour
Start: Post Grad Diploma in Literacy Difficulties
End: Masters (then I want my Doctorate in Assessment)
Start: A terrible cook
End: Spend the summer learning..and getting better
Since this is my year…I have A LOT of things personally I’d like to do…but I’m going to start with these 5.


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