Welsh Scones with dried cherries and mini chocolate chips…

Update:  Here is a link to the history of scones and some more recipes.  The Buckingham Palace Recipe was close in ingredients and method to the recipe in my book…HOWEVER, the temperature was about 100 degrees LOWER (makes sense). And…I think I should have cut the scones from batter 1/2 inch thick and not 1/4 of an inch.  They are fabulous and I will be making them often…keeping the wheat bread and sneaking in some group Flax seed.

Well they aren’t pretty…but they were pretty good!

Welsh Scones (Sgonau Cymreig) from Welsh  Tea Time Recipes

I loved how the recipe instructed me to 'make a well in the centre' of the dough to place the egg.  I wonder why?
I loved how the recipe instructed me to ‘make a well in the centre’ of the dough to place the egg. I wonder why?

I love scones.  They aren’t a sweet pastry as much as a cake that can be just hearty enough

to satisfy you with a little bit of cream and possibly jelly or honey with tea.

I bought Welsh  Tea Time Recipes in Wales quite a few years back.  Wales was just a magical place where Romans lurked, but were well defeated among the rolling hills and expansive ocean views.  These scones remind me of a time when our family was all together…biking through narrow paths and walking through the most vivid green pastures.

I did change the recipe a bit.  

I used wheat flour (and I sifted!!!  I had to buy a sifter just for this!), dried cherries and mini chocolate chips (4 oz of each).

photo (2)Although I did have the oven at 450F, the scones cooked much quicker than the 10 to 12 minutes called for.  I took them out at 7 mins and the bottoms were golden heading to dark brown.  So I turned them over and let them cook for a few minutes more to cook the inside better.

Maybe next time I will lower the temperature.

I did melt a little butter on the top and then my son added some strawberry jam.  I enjoyed them with just butter and with a little bit of honey!

I look forward to making them again!



Alright, I decided on the cookbook/s…..well kind of…

I have been looking through the books I have, trying to decide which one will be my cooking guide this summer.

I couldn’t choose…I just couldn’t do it!

I choose a range of my favourite things and some that I know will be good for me…and I want to learn about.

So here they are…up close!  The cook books that will guide my summer and help me become a better cook.

  • Celebrate by Sheila Lukins:  This cookbook has themed meals with appetizers to desserts.  So I won’t have to mix and match my own dishes together…it’s done for me.  And…I have already tried the Christmas and Academy Awards…WOW!
  • Recipes for Self Healing (from England) by Daverick Leggett.  This book was recommended by an acupuncturist and is filled with some healthy wisdom that I could benefit from.  In my blog, I will share what I glean as I go along.  This is the book I am most looking forward to because it uses more ‘whole foods’..more vegan…and I can target certain aspects of my health I want to work on through the foods I eat.
  • Tea Time at the Inn by Gail Greco:  Foods from over 40 different inns..it’s just heavenly to look through and one of those books I find myself  ‘dreaming’ about.  I hope to introduce tea time for my family.
  • Sarah’s Garden Recipes from an English Country Garden by  Henrietta Green for Wedgewood:  I was given this cook book in England and parts look lovely but tricky. I’m just intrigued.
  • Pret A Manger by Pret A Manger:  From England…probably my FAVOURITE ‘fast food’ in England.   From Oxford to London…the healthy, fresh foods were a delight so I bought the cook book just before we left and haven’t really had a chance to make anything.  This book includes sandwiches, soups, deserts…and fresh sauces.
  • Sweet and Sugarfree by Karen Barkie:  I have had this book for so long and used it when my children were little.  It’s time to bring it back.
  • Welsh TeaTime Recipes from Wales :  There are some FAB scones and teacakes just calling my name.  A lot of fishy food…but I’m up for it.  Wales was one of my favourite places to visit.  Very peaceful…one of those places that stay with you and leave a lasting impression.  I can’t wait to share some of the recipes I make from here.
  • Deceptively Delicous by Jessica Seinfield:  I did a whole unit with my students on Food Wars about this topic…improving the health of food by adding food puree.  I have made a couple of things from here so I’m excited to try more.
  • The Italian Diet by Gino D’Acampo:  Ok..not shown…and I don’t know what I was thinking because I LOVE this cook book and even when I tried to cook for a few weeks last fall, somehow we were eating pasta but feeling healthier than ever!
  • The Teen’s Vegetarian Cookbook by Judy Krizmanic:  It’s been a while..but there was a time I really wanted to return to vegan…but with a family, I just struggled.  I want to revisit this book with hopes of improving the food I feed my family.
  • Food Glorious Food by the Macmillian Cancer Support Agency UK:    I bought this cook book because some of the recipes caught my eye back in England but I haven’t opened it since.  I wonder what I will find…

I look forward to sharing and look forward to any ideas and insights…


Belgium Waffles… so far so good and I can sneak in some healthier ingredients…shhhh

Yesterday we made Belgium waffles!

I am excited about this cooking thing. So far so good. Yesterday we woke up and made some Belgium waffles with the machine my son gave me for Christmas. I didn’t make them from scratch but I will give it ago tomorrow.

I did sneak in some ground flax-seed – two heaping tablespoons for the whole four waffles. I have heard flax-seed is good for many ailments and I am working to lower my cholesterol and lose weight.

My son had his suspicions when I sent him on an errand to the front room for a moment and when he came back the batter was a little spotted,

“Did you put something else in?”

“Ah…would you like to add blueberries?”

We did add some frozen blueberries and no one noticed a difference in flavor from my secret ingredient!


What really matters…

Today my hubby had ankle surgery.

We have been married a long time but there is not a day when I haven’t thought of him and not smiled.

I am also a worrier.

Every surgery has risks and as a medic I could see that quiet reflection on his face as he worked through each one.

I do lean on him a lot…

Trust him to tell me when it’s time to really worry or that it will all be Ok.

As the day approached all went well. As he went in I headed to the stores to get him some guitar picks (he is going to teach himself over the next weeks) and some soda and bread for his stomach after.

As I headed back the sounds of the ambulance became closer and closer. As I reached the surgery it pulled in right ahead of me.

for a moment time stops but thoughts fast forward

For me the news was good. The medics went to the right rather than the left building. I still said a familiar prayer for the firefighters, the injured and both families as I do each time I hear the sirens or see an engine.

This time I added a deep breath and prayer of thanks for a man who fills my heart and soul with joy and who I hope to spend 40 more years with.

I love you this manies …..



Ribs, pasta and chicken wings…from Sheila Lukins’ CELEBRATE!

Oh my gosh…I followed the directions for the sauces and the pasta…it was FABULOUS and delicious!

Alright…we invited people over for dinner.

 If you know our family, that is a shocker!  

Our home is sort of our sanctuary and with such busy lives, when we come home,

we sort of all come home together…just to ‘be’. 

However, my husband will be having ankle surgery soon and will be at my mercy for a few months. 🙂  Not to celebrate, but to share one of his last walking days, I wanted to have his friends family over for a good meal.

from Barnes and Noble…a fab deal for $14.99. All sorts of delightful, delicious and inviting meals themed around special events. Not just the entree….but side dishes, deserts and more!

I LOVE Sheila Lukin’s CELEBRATE Cook book.  

I can’t say that I have made many of her recipes..YET…however, the book just looks lovely and inviting.  I have made the ribs before and knew them to be good.  So off I went….

In addition, I made the noodles that went with the Awards Dinner night and coated chicken wings in the rib sauce.

I also made a summer salad…adding strawberries, carrots and apples to mixed greens.

Our guest brought corn on the cob which my hubby roasted on the BBQ and the meal was set.

The only change:  I slow cook my ribs as taught by my dad for 2 hours on 300C surrounded in whatever sauce you decide.  Then we place them on the BBQ for a few minutes each site to give them that BBQ taste but with the tenderness of slow cooking.  I did the same with the chicken wings and they didn’t get dry.  I think the secret is to keep them covered in aluminium foil.


Green chili enchiladas

My family is mexican and I grew up with the simple, delicious food that signals family to me. It is the one genre of cooking that just comes naturally.

The meat:  Ground turkey – ok not authentic but healthier 🙂  Normally I slow cook a pork roast or chicken all day after coating it, just so, with cummin, fresh garlic, onions or onion power and green chilis.  I’m not a ‘hot’ mexican food person.  Watching my mom sweat and knowing she could eat foods that LITERALLY burned off her taste buds…was not my definition of delicious.  That is not to say I don’t love hot sauces…but for some reason…not with my mexican Food.  Go figure!

The spices:  Cumin, onion power, garlic power, pepper…cover the meat once lightly over.

The BEST:  Chopped green chilies.  I love green chilies!

The cheat:  Green enchilada sauce.

I only place a white cheese in with the meat…no cream cheese or other filling.  Roll them up side by side and cover with the enchilada sauce.  EASY PESY!

The other cheat…shhh…don’t tell my grandma

The beans:  Ok.. I admit. I could cook the beans all day.  But I don’t.  I cheat.  I mix a good can of black beans with another can of green chilies and vegetarian refried beans.  Mix them all up.  1/2 I make another set of bean enchiladas and the rest I coat with a white cheese and place next to the bean enchiladas and bake along side.

Ok…this meal was sort of cheating.  I can cook mexican food.  

Surrounded by my family, it was a weekly balance of tacos, enchiladas, burritos and more.  Except for Christmas!  Christmas was reserved for Tamales.  Sadly, I can’t make those by scratch anymore.  After years of helping my grandma, the years I have been away from ‘home’ have taken away any recollection of how to make the ingredients…although I can still remember how to ‘make’ the tamales in the corn husk.

Maybe…just maybe…this summer I will look up a recipe for that or ask my grandma to send me hers!