Belgium Waffles… so far so good and I can sneak in some healthier ingredients…shhhh

Yesterday we made Belgium waffles!

I am excited about this cooking thing. So far so good. Yesterday we woke up and made some Belgium waffles with the machine my son gave me for Christmas. I didn’t make them from scratch but I will give it ago tomorrow.

I did sneak in some ground flax-seed – two heaping tablespoons for the whole four waffles. I have heard flax-seed is good for many ailments and I am working to lower my cholesterol and lose weight.

My son had his suspicions when I sent him on an errand to the front room for a moment and when he came back the batter was a little spotted,

“Did you put something else in?”

“Ah…would you like to add blueberries?”

We did add some frozen blueberries and no one noticed a difference in flavor from my secret ingredient!