Ribs, pasta and chicken wings…from Sheila Lukins’ CELEBRATE!

Oh my gosh…I followed the directions for the sauces and the pasta…it was FABULOUS and delicious!

Alright…we invited people over for dinner.

 If you know our family, that is a shocker!  

Our home is sort of our sanctuary and with such busy lives, when we come home,

we sort of all come home together…just to ‘be’. 

However, my husband will be having ankle surgery soon and will be at my mercy for a few months. 🙂  Not to celebrate, but to share one of his last walking days, I wanted to have his friends family over for a good meal.

from Barnes and Noble…a fab deal for $14.99. All sorts of delightful, delicious and inviting meals themed around special events. Not just the entree….but side dishes, deserts and more!

I LOVE Sheila Lukin’s CELEBRATE Cook book.  

I can’t say that I have made many of her recipes..YET…however, the book just looks lovely and inviting.  I have made the ribs before and knew them to be good.  So off I went….

In addition, I made the noodles that went with the Awards Dinner night and coated chicken wings in the rib sauce.

I also made a summer salad…adding strawberries, carrots and apples to mixed greens.

Our guest brought corn on the cob which my hubby roasted on the BBQ and the meal was set.

The only change:  I slow cook my ribs as taught by my dad for 2 hours on 300C surrounded in whatever sauce you decide.  Then we place them on the BBQ for a few minutes each site to give them that BBQ taste but with the tenderness of slow cooking.  I did the same with the chicken wings and they didn’t get dry.  I think the secret is to keep them covered in aluminium foil.


Green chili enchiladas

My family is mexican and I grew up with the simple, delicious food that signals family to me. It is the one genre of cooking that just comes naturally.

The meat:  Ground turkey – ok not authentic but healthier 🙂  Normally I slow cook a pork roast or chicken all day after coating it, just so, with cummin, fresh garlic, onions or onion power and green chilis.  I’m not a ‘hot’ mexican food person.  Watching my mom sweat and knowing she could eat foods that LITERALLY burned off her taste buds…was not my definition of delicious.  That is not to say I don’t love hot sauces…but for some reason…not with my mexican Food.  Go figure!

The spices:  Cumin, onion power, garlic power, pepper…cover the meat once lightly over.

The BEST:  Chopped green chilies.  I love green chilies!

The cheat:  Green enchilada sauce.

I only place a white cheese in with the meat…no cream cheese or other filling.  Roll them up side by side and cover with the enchilada sauce.  EASY PESY!

The other cheat…shhh…don’t tell my grandma

The beans:  Ok.. I admit. I could cook the beans all day.  But I don’t.  I cheat.  I mix a good can of black beans with another can of green chilies and vegetarian refried beans.  Mix them all up.  1/2 I make another set of bean enchiladas and the rest I coat with a white cheese and place next to the bean enchiladas and bake along side.

Ok…this meal was sort of cheating.  I can cook mexican food.  

Surrounded by my family, it was a weekly balance of tacos, enchiladas, burritos and more.  Except for Christmas!  Christmas was reserved for Tamales.  Sadly, I can’t make those by scratch anymore.  After years of helping my grandma, the years I have been away from ‘home’ have taken away any recollection of how to make the ingredients…although I can still remember how to ‘make’ the tamales in the corn husk.

Maybe…just maybe…this summer I will look up a recipe for that or ask my grandma to send me hers!


Day 1 Meal 1

ImageToday is the first day of my summer! I plan to cook and learn to cook. I haven’t decided on the cook book I wanted to follow. So today I cooked from my cupboard! I had a Shake and Bake, some wheat pasta and Italian spaghetti sauce. I can’t claim I had the idea for chicken Parmesan. The back of the Shake and Bake box had the directions :). I just added the broccoli and corn. It was a hit! My hubby and son loved the meal. Tomorrow I am going to choose a cook book, make a menu and go shopping. It will also be the first day I start to exercise!