The dog…


The dog…the puppy, she is just 6 months old, is now mine. She was my daughters, but that lasted just a few weeks.

The puppy is work. More work when I already have enough work. She is a dog that needs space, movement , and active learning. She can be sweet and loving and funny. She also nips and chews and jumps when she is bored or wants your attention. She is smart…too much so that I see her watching and thinking of what item to mouth that will get the attention of the person she wants the most. (Right now she has my walking shoes…dork!)

She is too young to really understand, or even care, about the ramifications of what she chews or does. She is young enough where training needs to be daily and came be frustrating, because all she really wants is to be free and just run.

I am struggling wondering if we are the right family, if we can provide her what she needs.

I am struggling because she challenges me to making time to walk, to exert the confidence needed to be her pack mama, and to having the patience to be loving and firm….not just totally frustrated because today it’s all just not working.

I have walked dogs for the humane society and I just can’t bear the thought of her caged and scared.

So as she sits here chewing the robe I now gave her…I somehow know that she is good for me. She is forcing me to be stronger. To excercise, and to learn more patience.


I feel like I am still holding my breath…but either way, it’s time for that walk.


Belgium Waffles… so far so good and I can sneak in some healthier ingredients…shhhh

Yesterday we made Belgium waffles!

I am excited about this cooking thing. So far so good. Yesterday we woke up and made some Belgium waffles with the machine my son gave me for Christmas. I didn’t make them from scratch but I will give it ago tomorrow.

I did sneak in some ground flax-seed – two heaping tablespoons for the whole four waffles. I have heard flax-seed is good for many ailments and I am working to lower my cholesterol and lose weight.

My son had his suspicions when I sent him on an errand to the front room for a moment and when he came back the batter was a little spotted,

“Did you put something else in?”

“Ah…would you like to add blueberries?”

We did add some frozen blueberries and no one noticed a difference in flavor from my secret ingredient!


What really matters…

Today my hubby had ankle surgery.

We have been married a long time but there is not a day when I haven’t thought of him and not smiled.

I am also a worrier.

Every surgery has risks and as a medic I could see that quiet reflection on his face as he worked through each one.

I do lean on him a lot…

Trust him to tell me when it’s time to really worry or that it will all be Ok.

As the day approached all went well. As he went in I headed to the stores to get him some guitar picks (he is going to teach himself over the next weeks) and some soda and bread for his stomach after.

As I headed back the sounds of the ambulance became closer and closer. As I reached the surgery it pulled in right ahead of me.

for a moment time stops but thoughts fast forward

For me the news was good. The medics went to the right rather than the left building. I still said a familiar prayer for the firefighters, the injured and both families as I do each time I hear the sirens or see an engine.

This time I added a deep breath and prayer of thanks for a man who fills my heart and soul with joy and who I hope to spend 40 more years with.

I love you this manies …..



Green chili enchiladas

My family is mexican and I grew up with the simple, delicious food that signals family to me. It is the one genre of cooking that just comes naturally.

The meat: ¬†Ground turkey – ok not authentic but healthier ūüôā ¬†Normally I slow cook a pork roast or chicken all day after coating it, just so, with cummin, fresh garlic, onions or onion power and green chilis. ¬†I’m not a ‘hot’ mexican food person. ¬†Watching my mom sweat and knowing she could eat foods that LITERALLY burned off her taste buds…was not my definition of delicious. ¬†That is not to say I don’t love hot sauces…but for some reason…not with my mexican Food. ¬†Go figure!

The spices: ¬†Cumin, onion power, garlic power, pepper…cover the meat once lightly over.

The BEST:  Chopped green chilies.  I love green chilies!

The cheat:  Green enchilada sauce.

I only place a white cheese in with the meat…no cream cheese or other filling. ¬†Roll them up side by side and cover with the enchilada sauce. ¬†EASY PESY!

The other cheat…shhh…don’t tell my grandma

The beans: ¬†Ok.. I admit. I could cook the beans all day. ¬†But I don’t. ¬†I cheat. ¬†I mix a good can of black beans with another can of green chilies and vegetarian refried¬†beans. ¬†Mix them all up. ¬†1/2 I make another set of bean enchiladas and the rest I coat with a white cheese and place next to the bean¬†enchiladas¬†and bake along side.

Ok…this meal was sort of cheating. ¬†I can cook mexican food. ¬†

Surrounded by my family, it was a weekly balance of tacos, enchiladas,¬†burritos¬†and more. ¬†Except for Christmas! ¬†Christmas was reserved for Tamales. ¬†Sadly, I can’t make those by scratch anymore. ¬†After years of helping my grandma, the years I have been away from ‘home’ have taken away any¬†recollection¬†of how to make the¬†ingredients…although I can still remember how to ‘make’ the tamales in the corn husk.

Maybe…just maybe…this summer I will look up a recipe for that or ask my grandma to send me hers!