I may not juice 100% of the time…

I am not the perfect juicer! My house is filled with carnivores who are celebrating Easter with chocolate and candy. Last night and today (leftovers) they had pizza! And did I mention the cannoli covered with chocolate in the refrig!!!!


So, I may not always just juice. But, I have been eating almonds daily to satisfy the crunch and pop corn a few nights a week when I need that “snack’. I think I average 5 full juicing out of 7!

Today I tried, just one bite of each – ok 2 bites of the bunny. They were small.

I decided the cannoli was much too sweet and the pizza was just ok. My almonds tasted better. I’m not sure if my mind is finally hungering after what my body really needs for fuel.

So, I may not juice 100% – but I feel really good about how I am learning about self control and challenging the way I ate in the past


Getting ready for the work week! Organizing my juices.


I went and purchased 4 more GNC drink containers. The glass Bell jars don’t work well in my classroom. I spilt a little beet juice on my shirt Friday and knew I needed a container with a smaller mouth.

I also found the recycled bottles I had at home hard to clean. The GNC drink containers worked great and clean so easily.

It was worth the investment and right now they are buy 2 get 1 free!!!



Alright, I decided on the cookbook/s…..well kind of…

I have been looking through the books I have, trying to decide which one will be my cooking guide this summer.

I couldn’t choose…I just couldn’t do it!

I choose a range of my favourite things and some that I know will be good for me…and I want to learn about.

So here they are…up close!  The cook books that will guide my summer and help me become a better cook.

  • Celebrate by Sheila Lukins:  This cookbook has themed meals with appetizers to desserts.  So I won’t have to mix and match my own dishes together…it’s done for me.  And…I have already tried the Christmas and Academy Awards…WOW!
  • Recipes for Self Healing (from England) by Daverick Leggett.  This book was recommended by an acupuncturist and is filled with some healthy wisdom that I could benefit from.  In my blog, I will share what I glean as I go along.  This is the book I am most looking forward to because it uses more ‘whole foods’..more vegan…and I can target certain aspects of my health I want to work on through the foods I eat.
  • Tea Time at the Inn by Gail Greco:  Foods from over 40 different inns..it’s just heavenly to look through and one of those books I find myself  ‘dreaming’ about.  I hope to introduce tea time for my family.
  • Sarah’s Garden Recipes from an English Country Garden by  Henrietta Green for Wedgewood:  I was given this cook book in England and parts look lovely but tricky. I’m just intrigued.
  • Pret A Manger by Pret A Manger:  From England…probably my FAVOURITE ‘fast food’ in England.   From Oxford to London…the healthy, fresh foods were a delight so I bought the cook book just before we left and haven’t really had a chance to make anything.  This book includes sandwiches, soups, deserts…and fresh sauces.
  • Sweet and Sugarfree by Karen Barkie:  I have had this book for so long and used it when my children were little.  It’s time to bring it back.
  • Welsh TeaTime Recipes from Wales :  There are some FAB scones and teacakes just calling my name.  A lot of fishy food…but I’m up for it.  Wales was one of my favourite places to visit.  Very peaceful…one of those places that stay with you and leave a lasting impression.  I can’t wait to share some of the recipes I make from here.
  • Deceptively Delicous by Jessica Seinfield:  I did a whole unit with my students on Food Wars about this topic…improving the health of food by adding food puree.  I have made a couple of things from here so I’m excited to try more.
  • The Italian Diet by Gino D’Acampo:  Ok..not shown…and I don’t know what I was thinking because I LOVE this cook book and even when I tried to cook for a few weeks last fall, somehow we were eating pasta but feeling healthier than ever!
  • The Teen’s Vegetarian Cookbook by Judy Krizmanic:  It’s been a while..but there was a time I really wanted to return to vegan…but with a family, I just struggled.  I want to revisit this book with hopes of improving the food I feed my family.
  • Food Glorious Food by the Macmillian Cancer Support Agency UK:    I bought this cook book because some of the recipes caught my eye back in England but I haven’t opened it since.  I wonder what I will find…

I look forward to sharing and look forward to any ideas and insights…


Alright…I need to do this..

I am glad I placed a count down clock on my blog because quite honestly…time flies. I need to focus on myself just a little bit this year..and this blog is my journal to do it.


My cholesterol came back a little high…is there a ‘little’ in this case.  My sugar was good…which SHOCKED me because I really felt that would be bad.  My thyroid was WAY off …so the doc upped my meds.  Not a bad thing..but last time it made me a little wiry.  And I had a mammogram!  First ever!


I think the most important lesson for we was being will to find out what was going on in my body.  I was one of those people when I was young that wonder how anyone would NOT want to go to the doctors and stay healthy.  Now with co-pays and time crunches…I can see why.


Regardless, the big motivation was my family.  I love my husband and hope to enjoy many more years with him…and adore my children and lost my mom in my mid-30s.  It felt way to early.  So I look at my own children, and although I am raising them to be independent…I still want to be part of their lives for a long time.


So…I have been way to busy trying to do work…it’s time to focus on my family and my health.  I am going to work out today – yes..I know it is going to hurt.