The dog…


The dog…the puppy, she is just 6 months old, is now mine. She was my daughters, but that lasted just a few weeks.

The puppy is work. More work when I already have enough work. She is a dog that needs space, movement , and active learning. She can be sweet and loving and funny. She also nips and chews and jumps when she is bored or wants your attention. She is smart…too much so that I see her watching and thinking of what item to mouth that will get the attention of the person she wants the most. (Right now she has my walking shoes…dork!)

She is too young to really understand, or even care, about the ramifications of what she chews or does. She is young enough where training needs to be daily and came be frustrating, because all she really wants is to be free and just run.

I am struggling wondering if we are the right family, if we can provide her what she needs.

I am struggling because she challenges me to making time to walk, to exert the confidence needed to be her pack mama, and to having the patience to be loving and firm….not just totally frustrated because today it’s all just not working.

I have walked dogs for the humane society and I just can’t bear the thought of her caged and scared.

So as she sits here chewing the robe I now gave her…I somehow know that she is good for me. She is forcing me to be stronger. To excercise, and to learn more patience.


I feel like I am still holding my breath…but either way, it’s time for that walk.


Day 2 Goals…

Day 2 Breakfast for a 1000 calorie day


Day 2 Goals:


1200 calories of healthy food

Exercise – run walk 1 x 1 by 5 and cross train 15 mins

(repeat Exercise above )


 Drink 8 glasses of water

Cook a meal

Grocery shop

Look nice


May is the beginning of my WHOLE LIVING…

I have been saving my whole livings…waiting for the right time. 🙂  There is never a ‘right’ time…just moments.

So this weekend I did nothing…just rested.   I opened my Whole Living today and the very 2nd page spoke to me completely.

Mind:  Ralph Waldo Emerson – “For ever minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.”  How many minutes of happiness I have LOST!  I feel angry with my mom…even though she died so long ago.  Angry with my dad..because…I’m not real sure why…just because.  Angry because I am juggling so many things when I learned in England the value of slowing down and experiencing life.  But in being angry….Image

This May I am going to focus on the minutes of joy 🙂

Body:  I am a teacher and I constantly carry work back and forth.  In addition, I work at the dining room table, huddled up on the coach.  I do not give my body the exercise it needs or the sense of just taking good care of it when I work.  I have a table set up in my front room to do just that..and I am going to use it…and find a rolling cart.

Soul:  I spent a few weeks ago cleaning out my closet and now need to step back from work and clean out my home!  I set  (re-set) goals I thought up in August of 2011 and have not completed.  It’s time.  I need to learn to cook and need to learn to find balance.  I need a good “Spring-Clean” of my life! 🙂

On to page 3!


Alright…I need to do this..

I am glad I placed a count down clock on my blog because quite honestly…time flies. I need to focus on myself just a little bit this year..and this blog is my journal to do it.


My cholesterol came back a little high…is there a ‘little’ in this case.  My sugar was good…which SHOCKED me because I really felt that would be bad.  My thyroid was WAY off …so the doc upped my meds.  Not a bad thing..but last time it made me a little wiry.  And I had a mammogram!  First ever!


I think the most important lesson for we was being will to find out what was going on in my body.  I was one of those people when I was young that wonder how anyone would NOT want to go to the doctors and stay healthy.  Now with co-pays and time crunches…I can see why.


Regardless, the big motivation was my family.  I love my husband and hope to enjoy many more years with him…and adore my children and lost my mom in my mid-30s.  It felt way to early.  So I look at my own children, and although I am raising them to be independent…I still want to be part of their lives for a long time.


So…I have been way to busy trying to do work…it’s time to focus on my family and my health.  I am going to work out today – yes..I know it is going to hurt.




My hair..it’s just not fair…

Ok. I hate my hair.  It was beautiful and long and perfectly permed.  Seriously, a perfect perm.

It was healthy and strong..

and then I moved back to America.

I was convinced to try that Brazilian whatever straightening treatment…

My hair was fried…

So I got a hair cut..a REALLY bad hair cut…

and my hair got shorter,

and shorter..

and then I permed it a year later.

Thinking it would make it better.

And it didn’t…

I just have to let it go…

it’s only hair!  It will grow back.


Time to sort and clean

I keep to much…I think I will wear it someday.

It's time to go through my clothes and really donate those things I haven't worn in years...ugh...I will miss them.

When I get skinnier…


It’s been 5 years…

Ok…9 years

I just have to let them go and when the time is right, there will be time to find the right outfit….again.