Green chili enchiladas

My family is mexican and I grew up with the simple, delicious food that signals family to me. It is the one genre of cooking that just comes naturally.

The meat: ¬†Ground turkey – ok not authentic but healthier ūüôā ¬†Normally I slow cook a pork roast or chicken all day after coating it, just so, with cummin, fresh garlic, onions or onion power and green chilis. ¬†I’m not a ‘hot’ mexican food person. ¬†Watching my mom sweat and knowing she could eat foods that LITERALLY burned off her taste buds…was not my definition of delicious. ¬†That is not to say I don’t love hot sauces…but for some reason…not with my mexican Food. ¬†Go figure!

The spices: ¬†Cumin, onion power, garlic power, pepper…cover the meat once lightly over.

The BEST:  Chopped green chilies.  I love green chilies!

The cheat:  Green enchilada sauce.

I only place a white cheese in with the meat…no cream cheese or other filling. ¬†Roll them up side by side and cover with the enchilada sauce. ¬†EASY PESY!

The other cheat…shhh…don’t tell my grandma

The beans: ¬†Ok.. I admit. I could cook the beans all day. ¬†But I don’t. ¬†I cheat. ¬†I mix a good can of black beans with another can of green chilies and vegetarian refried¬†beans. ¬†Mix them all up. ¬†1/2 I make another set of bean enchiladas and the rest I coat with a white cheese and place next to the bean¬†enchiladas¬†and bake along side.

Ok…this meal was sort of cheating. ¬†I can cook mexican food. ¬†

Surrounded by my family, it was a weekly balance of tacos, enchiladas,¬†burritos¬†and more. ¬†Except for Christmas! ¬†Christmas was reserved for Tamales. ¬†Sadly, I can’t make those by scratch anymore. ¬†After years of helping my grandma, the years I have been away from ‘home’ have taken away any¬†recollection¬†of how to make the¬†ingredients…although I can still remember how to ‘make’ the tamales in the corn husk.

Maybe…just maybe…this summer I will look up a recipe for that or ask my grandma to send me hers!