After so many years of dreaming, she was still unbelievable!



What really matters…

Today my hubby had ankle surgery.

We have been married a long time but there is not a day when I haven’t thought of him and not smiled.

I am also a worrier.

Every surgery has risks and as a medic I could see that quiet reflection on his face as he worked through each one.

I do lean on him a lot…

Trust him to tell me when it’s time to really worry or that it will all be Ok.

As the day approached all went well. As he went in I headed to the stores to get him some guitar picks (he is going to teach himself over the next weeks) and some soda and bread for his stomach after.

As I headed back the sounds of the ambulance became closer and closer. As I reached the surgery it pulled in right ahead of me.

for a moment time stops but thoughts fast forward

For me the news was good. The medics went to the right rather than the left building. I still said a familiar prayer for the firefighters, the injured and both families as I do each time I hear the sirens or see an engine.

This time I added a deep breath and prayer of thanks for a man who fills my heart and soul with joy and who I hope to spend 40 more years with.

I love you this manies …..



Natural Salt Scrub

Day 1: 188 lbs of weight

Made a simple salt scrub to signal the beginning of my journey. – a lot of salt. I mixed coarse kosher salt with regular iodine table salt. – a few tablespoons of olive oil for moisture. – about a quarter of a cup of shower gel for cleansing and a sugary pomegranate smell. I shave after I salt scrub by the way! Enjoy!

Making your own natural spa products is more affordable!