Natural Salt Scrub

Day 1: 188 lbs of weight

Made a simple salt scrub to signal the beginning of my journey. – a lot of salt. I mixed coarse kosher salt with regular iodine table salt. – a few tablespoons of olive oil for moisture. – about a quarter of a cup of shower gel for cleansing and a sugary pomegranate smell. I shave after I salt scrub by the way! Enjoy!

Making your own natural spa products is more affordable!

Day 1 Meal 1

ImageToday is the first day of my summer! I plan to cook and learn to cook. I haven’t decided on the cook book I wanted to follow. So today I cooked from my cupboard! I had a Shake and Bake, some wheat pasta and Italian spaghetti sauce. I can’t claim I had the idea for chicken Parmesan. The back of the Shake and Bake box had the directions :). I just added the broccoli and corn. It was a hit! My hubby and son loved the meal. Tomorrow I am going to choose a cook book, make a menu and go shopping. It will also be the first day I start to exercise!