Alright…so what’s the deal? Starting over…even with this kitchen nightmare


I was trying to juice off of this cart. I think it was feasible. It was the washing that was difficult because of the small sink. I guess I could try the bathtube. Maybe.

Ok….I truly do feel Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead! I got on the scale yesterday at 175! I have gained 5 lbs since summer started and this was to be the summer of health.

I was also going to blog about my kitchen renovation…but we haven’ got past the floor. I wanted a concrete floor…it was beautiful. The contractor had it perfect!!! And then the top coat clouded. 2 or 3 overlays later, we still are not done. (But maybe Monday…and I’ll post the kitchen reno later).

I realize it got to me. In the beginning, my excuse was waiting around to let them in…over the past 5 weeks…it’s changed to wanting to see the progress.

Regardless, I should of handled the growing stress better with good food and exercise…and I didn’t.

Bad form.

So, thank God…today is the first day of the rest of my life. I start right now.
I will drink my lemon water, hit the gym, and start juicing.

I am drinking pre made juices, because I haven’t had a kitchen and making juices in my bathroom or on the patio just wasn’t working.

But it did give me appreciation for when Joe Cross juiced in the bad of his car.

Wish me luck. This time, like I said in APRIL (ugh) , I am totally changing my diet.


I miss the fresh juice. Let me work through the ones I have purchased and then I’ll try again.


Back to day 1 – next 15 pounds and true changes in diet

Today was the end of my first 30 day juicing journey. I can’t say I went through a true juice fast because I ate almonds most days.

(I am about this weight. I came back from England weighing 176 and I am 174.)
I have been reading through my favourite tumblrs and @juicingjen had a good post about the stages of healing your body goes through when you take part in a true juice fast.

I realize that I want my body to heal – especially my digestive system – more that the weight loss. I have low thyroid and my system has been sluggish for years. Cleaning out and healing should be a main goal. Even though I only ate a few nuts, my digestive system still had to work. So although I have lost weight, I still haven’t given my system a break.

So tomorrow is day 1 of a true juice fast. I am going to take it day by day because those nuts kept me from going nuts. 🙂


Fight Easter chocolate with….


Day 28…I will weigh myself tomorrow. There are moments I know I am changing the way I eat …and other moments that it just feels hard.

My family is waiting. I can’t in good conscience go green and have them eating all this junk. I have my husband and daughter trying a few juices every so many days, and my youngest watching his every drink worried I am slipping something in! lol