Peace is a clean kitchen

I don’t know if it is cooking that encourages me to clean or cleaning that is encouraging me to cook.


But I do know that I shall be making scones next!



Alright, I decided on the cookbook/s…..well kind of…

I have been looking through the books I have, trying to decide which one will be my cooking guide this summer.

I couldn’t choose…I just couldn’t do it!

I choose a range of my favourite things and some that I know will be good for me…and I want to learn about.

So here they are…up close!  The cook books that will guide my summer and help me become a better cook.

  • Celebrate by Sheila Lukins:  This cookbook has themed meals with appetizers to desserts.  So I won’t have to mix and match my own dishes together…it’s done for me.  And…I have already tried the Christmas and Academy Awards…WOW!
  • Recipes for Self Healing (from England) by Daverick Leggett.  This book was recommended by an acupuncturist and is filled with some healthy wisdom that I could benefit from.  In my blog, I will share what I glean as I go along.  This is the book I am most looking forward to because it uses more ‘whole foods’..more vegan…and I can target certain aspects of my health I want to work on through the foods I eat.
  • Tea Time at the Inn by Gail Greco:  Foods from over 40 different inns..it’s just heavenly to look through and one of those books I find myself  ‘dreaming’ about.  I hope to introduce tea time for my family.
  • Sarah’s Garden Recipes from an English Country Garden by  Henrietta Green for Wedgewood:  I was given this cook book in England and parts look lovely but tricky. I’m just intrigued.
  • Pret A Manger by Pret A Manger:  From England…probably my FAVOURITE ‘fast food’ in England.   From Oxford to London…the healthy, fresh foods were a delight so I bought the cook book just before we left and haven’t really had a chance to make anything.  This book includes sandwiches, soups, deserts…and fresh sauces.
  • Sweet and Sugarfree by Karen Barkie:  I have had this book for so long and used it when my children were little.  It’s time to bring it back.
  • Welsh TeaTime Recipes from Wales :  There are some FAB scones and teacakes just calling my name.  A lot of fishy food…but I’m up for it.  Wales was one of my favourite places to visit.  Very peaceful…one of those places that stay with you and leave a lasting impression.  I can’t wait to share some of the recipes I make from here.
  • Deceptively Delicous by Jessica Seinfield:  I did a whole unit with my students on Food Wars about this topic…improving the health of food by adding food puree.  I have made a couple of things from here so I’m excited to try more.
  • The Italian Diet by Gino D’Acampo:  Ok..not shown…and I don’t know what I was thinking because I LOVE this cook book and even when I tried to cook for a few weeks last fall, somehow we were eating pasta but feeling healthier than ever!
  • The Teen’s Vegetarian Cookbook by Judy Krizmanic:  It’s been a while..but there was a time I really wanted to return to vegan…but with a family, I just struggled.  I want to revisit this book with hopes of improving the food I feed my family.
  • Food Glorious Food by the Macmillian Cancer Support Agency UK:    I bought this cook book because some of the recipes caught my eye back in England but I haven’t opened it since.  I wonder what I will find…

I look forward to sharing and look forward to any ideas and insights…