Welsh Scones with dried cherries and mini chocolate chips…

Update:  Here is a link to the history of scones and some more recipes.  The Buckingham Palace Recipe was close in ingredients and method to the recipe in my book…HOWEVER, the temperature was about 100 degrees LOWER (makes sense). And…I think I should have cut the scones from batter 1/2 inch thick and not 1/4 of an inch.  They are fabulous and I will be making them often…keeping the wheat bread and sneaking in some group Flax seed.

Well they aren’t pretty…but they were pretty good!

Welsh Scones (Sgonau Cymreig) from Welsh  Tea Time Recipes

I loved how the recipe instructed me to 'make a well in the centre' of the dough to place the egg.  I wonder why?
I loved how the recipe instructed me to ‘make a well in the centre’ of the dough to place the egg. I wonder why?

I love scones.  They aren’t a sweet pastry as much as a cake that can be just hearty enough

to satisfy you with a little bit of cream and possibly jelly or honey with tea.

I bought Welsh  Tea Time Recipes in Wales quite a few years back.  Wales was just a magical place where Romans lurked, but were well defeated among the rolling hills and expansive ocean views.  These scones remind me of a time when our family was all together…biking through narrow paths and walking through the most vivid green pastures.

I did change the recipe a bit.  

I used wheat flour (and I sifted!!!  I had to buy a sifter just for this!), dried cherries and mini chocolate chips (4 oz of each).

photo (2)Although I did have the oven at 450F, the scones cooked much quicker than the 10 to 12 minutes called for.  I took them out at 7 mins and the bottoms were golden heading to dark brown.  So I turned them over and let them cook for a few minutes more to cook the inside better.

Maybe next time I will lower the temperature.

I did melt a little butter on the top and then my son added some strawberry jam.  I enjoyed them with just butter and with a little bit of honey!

I look forward to making them again!